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    Thermostatic mixing valves are used to maintain the domestic hot water supplied to the user at a constant and safe temperature, when variations in the hot and cold water supply conditions and draw off flow rates occur. The failsafe design shuts off the mixed water flow automatically in the event of disruption in the hot or cold water supply to the valve.


    Technical Data 

    Max. working pressure: 10 bar - Static

    Min. working pressure: 0.2 Bar : Dynamic

    Max. inlet temperature: 85˚C

    Inlet temperature range  - hot supply: 55 - 65°C  - cold supply: 0.5 - 25°C

    D08 working pressure - low pressure: 0.2 - 1.0     - high pressure: 1.0 - 5.0

    Max. inlet pressure ratio (H/C or C/H): 5:1

    Accuracy: ±2˚C

    Setting Range: 30 to 50˚C

    Min. temperature difference between inlet hot water and outlet mixed water: 10˚C

    Min. flow for stable operation 4 l/m