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    Thermostatic mixing valves are used to maintain the domestic hot water supplied to the user at a constant and safe temperature, when variations in the hot and cold water supply conditions and draw off flow rates occur. The failsafe design shuts off the mixed water flow automatically in the event of disruption in the hot or cold water supply to the valve.


    TMV3 and TMV2

    The range of fail safe thermostatic mixing valves have been designed and manufactured to meet the requirements of BS7942:2000 and the National Health Service model engineering specification D08 for use in healthcare premises, hospitals, care homes, and schools. The elderly, young children and the disabled are at particular risk of life threatening scalds due to a potential lack of mobility, skin sensitivity or the ability to communicate with their carer. The valve has been independently tested and approved as a type 3 valve under the TMV3 scheme. The valve also meet the requirements of BS EN 1111: 2017 and BS EN1287: 2017 and the TMV2 Type Scheme. The valves have been independently tested and approved as a type 2 valve under the TMV2 scheme by the WRc - NSF.

    TMV2 thermostatic mixing valves are suitable for use in domestic housing and commercial building for single user outlets including wash basins, showers, baths and bidets but are also suitable for multiple outlet use.


    Construction Details

    Component        Material              Grade

    Body:    DZR - chrome plated     CW602N

    Springs:    Stainless steel

    Seals:      EPDM


    Technical Data

    Max. working pressure: 10 bar - Static

    Min. working pressure: 0.2 Bar : Dynamic

    Max. inlet temperature: 85˚C

    Inlet temperature range  - hot supply: 55 - 65°C  - cold supply: 0.5 - 25°C

    D08 working pressure - low pressure: 0.2 - 1.0     - high pressure: 1.0 - 5.0

    Max. inlet pressure ratio (H/C or C/H): 5:1

    Accuracy: ±2˚C

    Setting Range: 30 to 50˚C

    Min. temperature difference between inlet hot water and outlet mixed water: 10˚C

    Min. flow for stable operation 4 l/m