Pressure Regulator WR23

Pressure Regulator WR23

Pressure reducing valves, commonly known as water pressure regulators, are cost-effective and compact devices designed for dual functionality.

They adeptly decrease the excessively high water pressure from city mains, ensuring it is lowered to a more practical and manageable level for household distribution.

Detail Description

Technical data:

1.Max. Inlet pressure:16bar

2.Outlet pressure: 1–6bar

3.Max. pressure reduction ratio inlet to outlet pressure: 6:1

4. Thread:  1/2″, 3/4″

5.Medium: water

6.Medium temperature: 0 ~65°C

7.With optional pressure gauge

8.Port size: NPT



1.Pressure reducing valve for water heater

2.High reliability with strainer

3.With optional pressure gauge

4.With optional adaptors


Materials: brass

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